About Us

We are a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based Ethnic Indian Grocery, Chai and Street Food Store. We are inspired by the challenges faced by Canadian Ethnic Customers, in today’s, complicated and continuously evolving, Ethnic Retail landscape.

Our Service concept, is to present the Traditional Indian Food and Groceries, in equally evolving and modernized way, to our Canadian Customers.

Our store is called “baauG”, pronounced “Baaooji”

BaauG represents Tradition, Culture and Heritage of India, in its very name. In India, baauG is often, a term representing Dad, a Father figure, an elderly or just a sign of respect in addressing someone, as Sir.

The Trust and Responsibility of the name “baauG” is represented through, our Core Principles of Excellence in Service, Quality, Access and Experience. We seek our Customer’s Trust, in providing these Core Principles of our responsibility, to our Customers, Community & Country.

Our Core Team of BaauG Founders, in Service Leadership, are showcased below:

Rajesh Sabharwal (Raj)

President & Founder

With 30 years of leadership experience, and 18 years of Retail experience.

Renu Sabharwal

Director, 2nd & 3rd Generation Food Development

With over 14 years of experience as a Mother. The Greatest experience.